Last Updated: 2018-12-06
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DHAKA, Bangladesh, Dec 6 (NNN-BSS) - As Bangladesh general elections are drawing nearer, crowd are getting larger, at the shopping malls selling public address mikes in Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

Also, workers in the factories have been putting in overtime, to make many mikes ahead of the elections, slated for Dec 30.

Mohammad Abdul Majid works at a mike factory for about seven years, in Dhaka's Shyampur area.

He said, demand for mike is currently on the rise, due to the forthcoming Bangladesh general election.

"We are now quite busy with lots of fresh orders (from buyers)," he added.

Another factory worker, Abdul Aziz, said, every day they make 30 to 40 mikes and some days up to 45.

"We're working even at night, since there is huge demand for mikes during the elections," he said.-- NNN-BSS