Last Updated: 2018-12-06
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SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dec 6 (NNN-XINHUA) - Sarajevo International Airport (SIA), welcomed on Wednesday, its one millionth passenger in 2018, registering a new annual record in its history.

"This is an important day for Sarajevo International Airport, given that, for the first time in its history, a record one million passengers were served in one year," SIA's announcement said.

This represents a nine percent growth, year-on-year. In addition, SIA has hit a record, by handling nearly 12,000 flights, and more than two million kilograms of cargo goods, in one year.

Aida Birno, the one millionth passenger, said, she was a frequent traveller and that she was surprised by the award.

"I travel often for business to Istanbul. I used to read about similar awards in the newspapers, and it was always pretty unreal. However, it is also a nice feeling to be the one millionth traveller," Birno told reporters, after being rewarded with a free return ticket from Sarajevo to Istanbul.

Armin Kajmakovic, SIA director, said, this was an important record for the airport.

For the third year in a row, SIA has registered a record number of passengers. At the beginning of Dec, 2016, more than 800,000 passengers were registered; in 2017, more than 900,000 passengers; and this year more than one million passengers.-- NNN-XINHUA