Last Updated: 2018-10-11
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DAMASCUS, Syria, Oct 11 (NNN-SANA) - For the first time in Syria and neighbouring Arab countries, a medical team at the Heart Surgery University Hospital, in Damascus, succeeded in performing a mitral valve replacement surgery, for a 48-year-old woman. The surgery was conducted by means of endoscopy, through a small side incision, without opening the chest.

General Manager of the Hospital, Dr. Hussam Kheder, said that, the surgery lasted about three hours and was supervised by an integrated medical staff from the hospital, after conducting the necessary tests.

He pointed out that the surgery is low risk and the need for blood is less, compared to traditional surgical procedures, as bleeding associated with it is little. Only 200 ml of blood was transmitted for the patient, instead of dozens of times this amount, if performed in the manner of opening the chest. This kind of surgeries is distinguished in the sense that it is done through a small side incision which does not leave skin abnormalities.

He indicated that the patient can return to his normal life after ten days, instead of three months as previously.
The Heart Surgery University Hospital in Damascus is gearing up for other special and distinctive surgeries, at the level of Syria and the region during the coming period.

Kheder added that 70% of the surgeries carried out at the Hospital are completely free and the remaining 30% are performed at nominal fees.

The Hospital was opened in 1974, and is conducting all kinds of open-heart surgeries, paediatric heart surgeries, cardiac catheterisation, thrombectomy and many other kinds of surgeries related to heart diseases.-- NNN-SANA