Last Updated: 2017-02-17
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HANOI, Vietnam Feb 17 (NNN-Bernama) -- Frozen shrimp exported to South Korea from member countries of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), including Vietnam, must undergo quarantine checks before shipping to the market, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

This was stated in the new regulations under the country's law on fishery disease management.

South Korea's embassy in Vietnam made an announcement on the new regulations issued by the country's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries to Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade because Vietnam, a WTO member country, has been exporting shrimp to South Korea for many years.

South Korea has added frozen shrimp products to the list of seafood products that must undergo quarantine checks before entering the country from April 1, this year.

At present, frozen abalone and oyster are required to undergo quarantine checks before being exported to the country.

South Korea has recognised six centres in Vietnam that qualify to undertake quarantine checks on seafood products exported to the country.

From April 1, the centres must cooperate with South Korea's relevant offices to implement quarantine checks on Vietnamese frozen shrimp products, reported.

Subsequently, the centres should update local seafood exporters with the new regulations to avoid mistakes while exporting seafood South Korea.--NNN-BERNAMA