People wait he first tuna auction at the new site in Toyosu waterfront district, Tokyo, Japan, on Oct 10, 2018. The cries of the raucous pre-dawn tuna auction rang out for the first time at Tokyo's new fish market on Thursday (Oct 11), just days after the world-famous Tsukiji market closed the door on an 83-year history. The location may have changed but the ritual remained the same: huge frozen whole tuna laid out on the ground, bells tolling to sound the start of the auction and a loud and bewildering system of bidding understood only by those taking part. The early morning tuna auction at Tsukiji became an institution and a must-see for tourists to the Japanese capital, who lined up from the night before to be one of the 120 allowed to witness the organised chaos. The site of the Tsukiji market, on reclaimed land in the heart of the capital, will be used to pool transport vehicles for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. A stretched section of a beltway will also run through the site to improve access from central Tokyo to the bay area, where some Olympic facilities will be located. Photo courtesy Agencies

Last Updated: 2018-10-11

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